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This caster size group mainly covers commonly used 3 inch casters, 4 inch casters, 5 inch casters, 6 inch casters, 8 inch casters, 10 inch casters and 12 inch casters. Casters of these sizes also include medium duty casters, heavy duty casters, industrial casters, medical casters and furniture casters, etc. And the material also covers plastic, PVC, polyurethane, nylon, rubber, cast iron and other materials. At the same time, there are also casters with a variety of different installation methods, such as plate casters, threaded stem casters, grip ring stem casters, stem casters, etc. If you can’t find a suitable caster in this group, please inform us by email: [email protected], or use the whatsapp on the right side of our web page, number and other ways to get in touch with us, we will do it as quickly as possible Respond to your needs.
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